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Symbol of traditional festivals

The origins of the scarves are very interesting. Over time they have become an imperishable garment, and their evolution has been adapted to the customs of society. In Roman times it was used as a form of expression. The Romans showed their pleasure or indignation through the movement of this small canvas. It was then used to mark the ranks of the upper classes. The French and British belonging to the aristocracy carried them to cover their noses and to isolate them from the sea scent that the streets gave off.

Years later many of these customs are kept. In Spain, when you attend a bullfight, you show the recognition of the bullfighter through the white bandana. The red scarf is the symbol of the traditional festival of Pamplona, the Sanfermines. It has been integrated into children's games, in a multitude of parties, conventions. And of course, it has also come to fashion and the world of decoration.

Irreplaceable in fashion

They are used by both women and men, but each one must follow totally different requirements. The man usually wears it combined with the suits of jacket, to get an elegant touch and more personal. They are usually smooth or with small prints, but never striking, and try to go in harmony with the suit, tie and bow tie.

But these unisex scarves have the same functionality for both genders. In parties like the Sanfermines, men and women, boys and girls, boys and girls wear the same type of cloth on the neck. What in Roly we call the classic form. In our catalogue we have a range of colors so you never have to go without your favorite.