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Training requires considerable effort

Football is no different. On the contrary, it requires constant work and its performance is irregular. The players play at a low intensity during much of the game, but their energy consumption is tremendous. Maybe it is the reason for not making a high effort continuously. However, it is a high intensity training, so using good material is practically mandatory.

Becoming aware of the type of exercise we are doing is important, as well as choosing the right type of clothing we use for your practice. Despite this, many fans do not take it into account, and are exposed to multiple injuries.

For both high intensity training and amateur testing we must be demanding and invest in health, comfort and intensity, with the best sports equipment.

Technical socks are our second engine

Men and women athletes demand quality in their training, in their food and their clothing. Because they know that only then can they reach their goal.

Our unisex training socks have become one of the most important training garments since a quality sock prevents scratches and blisters on the feet. Proper adjustment can avoid setbacks and injuries that could ruin training, competition and long-term dedication.

Investing in good workout socks helps improve athletic performance and ensure our comfort while we are doing it.

In Roly we know that it not only depends on you, it also depends on the jump you give towards your goals.