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An indispensable fabric

If we counted the hours we spend in our lifetime with a towel in hand, or a bathrobe in our body we would not believe it. Since we are aware of the importance of hygiene for our health, has become an essential tool to dry our body. We find it in all the bathrooms of the houses we visit, in the hotels, rural houses, spa and we could carry on with an infinite list of places in which to find it is the most common. That's why in Roly we make our promotional towels with care.

A tool with history

The history dates back to ancient times. In ancient Rome it was already common for this popular tool dry the body of Romans. Over time it became as essential as desired, becoming part of the women's trousseau. This has changed, because even if it is a close tradition, like many, ceased to exist. Of course, when we become independent, the first thing we buy for our home are sheets and towels.

Smooth and absorbent

They are of many kinds and fabrics, shapes, colors and sizes. Its delicate use, and its absorption capacity has made this tool the perfect partner for rituals that have to do with hygiene and water. In Japan there is one called "oshibori", and consists of a small, rolled towel that they provide in restaurants before beginning to eat. In winter they serve very hot and in summer cold, very cold, thus cleaning our hands also produces a sensation of pleasure. But it does not go so far. In Spain it is very common to use them in massage therapies, spa centers and health resorts, as wet and hot improve our circulation and relax muscles.