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Times change

There's nothing like a good apron. That was our grandmothers used to say, always unpolluted in the kitchen. And those spectacular stews… Just entering the kitchen, there they were, hanging, waiting for them to come in to give them life. And the incredible thing is that they kept all kinds of treasures in their pockets What times those were!

So we never understood its use. We did not see it as necessary because we never cooked. Now we see the necessity and importance of this garment in all kitchens, especially in the world of restoration.

Times change and the world of gastronomic restoration presents great changes continuously, adapting to the current lines of business. A line in which the apron of our grandmother has become an essential garment, to protect the work clothes, any tearing caused by the daily tasks, in addition to avoiding to get dirty.

Practical pockets

Finally we understand the use of those magical pockets. And the truth is that they are, because they are designed exclusively to store items that you need to have always on hand and are very useful when noting the order of the diners or opening a bottle of wine. This type of garment usually covers the front of our body, isolates the sweat from the stoves that is always at very high temperatures and allows differentiating the different jobs.

In Roly we know all the guidelines of the world of restoration. A chef should wear a long, white apron with an untarnished white, as it should always be presentable when the guests require it as a thank-you. A cook wears bib aprons and if you prefer black, no problem. You can choose them in the tone you want, always taking into account the established internal rules.