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The latest in bath fashion

The men's swimsuit wanders all the catwalks of the big firms with sunglasses and sandals. Gone was the time when this garment was relegated to the background and stored in the back of the closet until the next summer. The actual man takes care of his body and his image. He cares about cool clothes and fashion looks all year round and in all circumstances. The boutiques dress their mannequins in their best attire, underwear, swimwear or casual, to attract the modern male.

Functional models

We can not ignore the effectiveness of each design, as the trend is towards light and functional models. We have to keep in mind that we all do not like the same type of suit. So when it comes to choosing one of them, we must observe which one is best suited to our body and our movements.

Some models are thin and short, what we usually call the classic style. Other still shorter, are perfect for swimming in the pool or in the sea.. If we have a nice body and we like to wear it, we can dare with those who are boxer type. There are others that are basic and essential if we are going to eat at a beachside restaurant, a classic and more elegant line.

At Roly we manufacture designs for every occasion.

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